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Don't let the information age steal your joy!  Mommy-Friendly Breastfeeding provides evidence-based guidance that empowers you to feed and enjoy your baby while working toward your breastfeeding goals.


Be encouraged!  The endless advice you are receiving from various healthcare providers, family, friends, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and a vast assortment of websites can make you doubt yourself.  Your journey is going to look different than the journeys of even your closest friends and family.  Mommy-Friendly Breastfeeding provides a guide for navigating your journey with flexible tools designed to help you achieve your goals, as defined by you.

Learn how bottles can save breastfeeding, pacifiers aren’t prohibited, formula isn’t a four-letter word, and enjoying your baby is the most important thing. Current hospital breastfeeding policies do not apply to all mothers and babies.  As a result, some women find themselves feeling frustrated, or even defeated, before they’ve completed their first week with their baby.  The step-by-step plans and encouragement found in this book will guide you from day one through your early weeks together.

Mommy-Friendly Breastfeeding can help you

• Understand how prenatal risk factors may affect your early days of breastfeeding — learn what you can control and then work your unique feeding plan

• Find quick links to solutions on the breastfeeding challenge flowchart

• Track your progress with one day-at-a-time journals — normal numbers of feedings, baby’s poops, and pumping volumes are included

• Know more about why baby’s days and nights seem to be mixed up and what you can do to help him re-organize for better daytime feeding and nighttime sleep

• Work with your baby’s body for comfortable latching and easier burping

• Be aware of new evidence-based recommendations on pacifiers

• Feed your baby and protect your milk supply if your baby has normal newborn jaundice

• Prevent and treat nipple and breast pain

• Know when and how to use a nipple shield

• Protect your milk supply in situations requiring that you offer extra milk to your baby

• Choose the right breast pump for your situation

• Understand early use of infant formula, if needed

• Explore different feeding options for days and nights

• Transition back to full breastfeeding, if feeding from bottles has been needed

• Maintain focus on enjoying your baby during this precious time

Mommy-Friendly Breastfeeding

Note From the Author


“Breastfeeding can be really hard in the beginning. If you need to use breast pumps, bottles, pacifiers and formula, it’s ok. If you need to stop breastfeeding, it’s ok. Everything is going to be ok. Take a deep breath and enjoy your baby. Breastfeeding is not motherhood. Success is defined by YOU, and we can work toward it together. No matter what you are a great mom and I’m cheering for you." -Gloria


Gloria is a registered nurse and internationally board-certified lactation consultant. Her 24-year career has been dedicated to maternal-child nursing and breastfeeding support. Based in a pediatric practice in, she started the first primary care lactation clinic in her region.

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